trending in light fixtures

Lighting is often the most overlooked aspect of interior design, but a well-designed light fixture can make a dramatic impact on your space. It can create a mood, brighten up a dark corner or even highlight a focal point in the room. So if you’re looking to update your home next year, look no further than these trending light fixtures that are sure to make an impact.

Pendant lights and chandeliers are a big part of 2023 lighting trends, and they’re becoming more versatile than you might think. In addition to showcasing the dining room or kitchen island, pendants are being used as accent lights over a side table in the living room or bedside lamps in a bedroom.

These oversized and sculptural light fixtures can instantly make a statement without taking up too much space. For example, the Torsa chandelier by Cameron Design House (opens in new tab) features a mirror-finished brass disc that bounces light across the room for a dramatic effect.

If you have a modern or farmhouse style, mix and match brass with black tones for a sophisticated contrast that will make any space feel more polished. These contrasting tones will be the next major trend for interior lighting design.

Using natural materials to accent your light fixtures is another hot design trend for the coming year. Wood, jute and glass are all natural options for adding texture and warmth to your lighting design.

You can also find metals in unique shapes and finishes that will complement your decor. For example, you can find a lamp that mimics the iridescent rainbow effect of burnt steel or a chandelier with colored metal shapes in organic forms.

There’s no need to stick to neutral earth tones for this trend either – bold pops of color will make an appearance in 2023. You can see them in everything from the Torsa chandelier and the glistening water droplets in the glass shades to the sleek, industrial-inspired LED sconces.

The right lighting can be just as functional as it is beautiful, which makes them a popular choice for any room in the home. Integrated LED lighting has become the hottest trend in light fixtures, and it’s an easy way to save energy and money while making your space look stylish.

For those who want to embrace this eco-friendly trend, consider sconces and outdoor pendant lights that use green LED bulbs. These modern fixtures are sleek and minimal, but they are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while adding style to any space.

If you don’t want to invest in a new lighting fixture, consider swapping out some of your existing lamps. These simple updates can transform your home without a lot of effort.

Metallics aren’t new, but they’re getting more trendy with new techniques that create a rainbow of colors on a base metal. These colors can be created using a chemical process that alters the surface of a metal, or they can be made by exposing metal to a heat source to form a patina.

By Debra