chair lift recliner

A chair lift recliner is a motorized seat that helps a person get from sitting to standing and back down again without the need for assistance. It’s a great option for people who have trouble moving from seated to standing or who are recovering from recent surgery, injuries, or illnesses that may have limited their mobility.

There are several types of power lift chairs to choose from, and each has its own unique features. To determine which one is best for you, consider how much you want to spend and what your comfort preferences are. For example, you might decide to buy a reclining chair with USB ports and cupholders or opt for a massage chair with eight different massage areas and lumbar heat.

Most modern lift chairs come with a remote control featuring buttons for adjusting the headrest, footrest and chair back. To use the chair’s lifting mechanism, simply locate the button labeled “up.” Pressing it will cause the chair to slowly rise from the floor – up and forward until you are almost in a standing position. Many models also feature an auxiliary lever that can be used to further increase the chair’s height.

Whether you are looking for a basic electric power lift recliner or one with all the bells and whistles, there is sure to be a model that fits your needs and budget. One of our favorite models costs under $500, offers multiple reclining positions and is made from plush fabrics with ample side pockets and front storage areas. It’s designed to support up to 300 pounds and has a back, lumbar and footrest that move independently from each other.

Another great option is a three-position recliner, which can be reclined to approximately 45 degrees and is ideal for reading, watching TV or napping. These chairs can also be elevated to a fully flat (Zero Gravity) position, which is especially therapeutic for those with lower back pain and circulatory problems.

You should also determine how many positions you want your chair to have, says Rhoades. For instance, if you plan to nap in your lift recliner often, you may prefer a chair that can go all the way into a full-flat position. Some models even offer a Zero Gravity position that elevates your feet above your heart to improve circulation and reduce pressure on the back, knees and hips.

It is also important to check the chair’s warranty and make sure you understand its terms and conditions. For example, some models allow you to only cover the lifting mechanism for a certain number of years, while others include coverage for the chair’s fabric and upholstery. You should also find out if the chair is covered under Medicare. If so, you’ll need to submit proof of eligibility and meet other requirements. For more information about Medicare-approved power lift chairs, visit the official Medicare website.

By Debra