Looking at Christmas lights has never been more fun or magical! Kids and adults of all ages will be amazed by these christmas 3d glasses that make your ordinary holiday lights into fun images of penguins, gingerbread men, candy canes, reindeers, angels, stars, elf’s, and Santa. These patented lenses bend light creating a magical image on each bright point of light, providing an optical experience like no other!

These paper-based 3D glasses are a great gift idea, stocking stuffer, party favor, or holiday surprise for friends and family! They come in a variety of fun styles including snowflake, penguin, ornament, christmas star, fluttering angel, gift, gingerbread man, and elf.

For even more holiday magic, check out the amazing new EyePop 3D Holiday Gift Tags which can be attached to a present or on a greeting card! These fun tags also use the patented technology to bend light into festive holiday images.

The Holiday Specs 3D glasses are available in both paper and plastic versions. They are a great gift for family members, teachers/students, neighbours, the mailman, or anyone who loves to look at holiday lights. They are printed with cute holiday designs, have a sturdy and durable plastic frame, and can be worn over normal glasses.

American Paper Optics, a 2011 Inc 5000 company, has sold over 10 million pairs of Holiday Specs around the world. Their holographic lenses bend light to create magical images on every bright point of light, transforming a simple “wow” into a “wow!” They are perfect for gifting, stocking stuffers, party favors, and even a little bit of holiday magic for the office! Visit their website to see the full selection of their holiday-themed 3D glasses.

By Debra